Getting Ready for Rving in 2014

by Kevin Wallenbeck April 25, 2014 16:38

We are getting ready here next week to 'upgrade' from our 2008 Rockwood Roo Expandable to a Coachmen Freedom Express 292BHDS Liberty Edition!  I'll get pictures here soon.

Some folks may ask why does your family RV?  The primary reason is family time.  Just go once with your family and you'll know what I mean:)  One of the side benefits is that it's a reasonably affordable way to travel and vacation.  This infographic from General RV provides some insight.

RV Vacation Cost Comparison


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Test Drive Remake

by Kevin Wallenbeck March 11, 2014 15:16

Some dude didn't think the original Jeff Gordon test drive commercial was legit ... now he knows!



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Having a Budget Can be Life Changing

by Kevin Wallenbeck February 24, 2014 11:44

Do you have a budget? Many people say yes and then can't really tell you how much money they alot each month for even the basic things like groceries, gas for the car, or eating out.  Actually having a budget that is written down and followed each month is vastly different from having an idea of what you think you spend each month.

I was a fool for years thinking I 'had a budget'. It wasn't until going through Financial Peace University from the Dave Ramsey folks and applying the principles that our family's way of life was changed.

Amazing to think that some basic planning and committment can allow a family of two incomes to drop to one income just by keeping track of where they spend their money each month and sticking to it.  Yep, that is our family.

Now, that we've been faithful at it for almost 18 months it's exciting to share it with other folks and encourage them as well.

Their are many money managment tools and resources online but I would encourage you to check out with many resources and fanstic advice on all areas related to money.

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Google Knows it is My Birthday!!!

by Kevin Wallenbeck February 19, 2014 09:46

I go to my search engine of choice today and the Google image displayed is of cakes with candles on them.  I'm initially thinking ... wow, how cool is it that they chose to put up this image cause it is my birthday today.  Then I got real curious and wondered ... do they know it's my birthday?  After all I am logged into my google mail.

So, I open a different browser and go to google not being logged in and no birthday cakes with candles.  Kind of strange to think about Google acting on info like your birthday on a search page, but why not.


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Shoddy Business Practice Example

by Kevin Wallenbeck February 4, 2014 08:26

Just over a year ago for some reason I thought that having a D&B (Dunn and Bradstreet) number and establishing a profile with them might be helpful for us down the road. First, we received all kinds of calls and emails prior to signing up Then of course, right after signing up we couldn't get ahold of anyone while our profile was being 'held hostage' of sorts by them. We soon discovered that what was promised for what we paid was untrue and basically a profile was worthless, at least for our business.

This past week we receive an email notice that suggests we have a bad mark on our credit in our D&B profile. Of course, that is concerning and maybe paying them our hard earned money was worth it after all. After some investigation we discovered the credit card we used last year to purchase the profile had expired and that is why they sent an alert about our 'bad credit' which you can see below.

One good thing? They seemed to answer the phone pretty quickly to get our money again ... at least they are good at one thing:) So, in short they used their own product to suggest and imply we had a bad credit mark on our profile ... wow!


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