Are You Honest or Frank?

by Kevin Wallenbeck January 21, 2010 22:44

How many times have you said yourself or heard someone say ... to be honest with you...

Have you ever thought of what that phrase really implies?  Think about it ... to be honest with you basically says that there is something you may not have been honest about.

It may seem silly for me to say because we 'all' know that it's just a phrase and is a way of getting someones attention during a conversation.  If you are a person who takes words literally then you might actually find yourself wondering the next time you hear someone say it.

Back in college ... 19 years ago, yikes ... I made the decision not to use the word honest in the phrase but rather use the word frank.  It seems you can use it interchangeably and it still gets the other person's attention when you say.

To be frank with you it seems I am not the only person who feels this way .. read more about the Honest Question Here.


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The Little Things

by Kevin Wallenbeck January 14, 2010 15:52

I've always been a 'mall haircut' kinda guy.  It's convenient and typcially less expensive than what one might experience in a full service salon.  About a year ago one of our employees who worked for us, back in the day, finished her schooling/licensing and became a stylist in a full service salon.  I put it off for quite a few months, but eventually brought myself to go try it out and give her my support.

It's been very interesting to see and experience many of the little things they do at the salon where she works.  Things like..

  1. It's always clean and tidy.
  2. It looks and feels warm yet classy.
  3. The receptionist takes your coat and hangs it up.
  4. They offer you something to drink.
  5. There is rarely a wait.
  6. Your stylist greets you very quickly once you arrive.
  7. Your stylist always remembers your name.

So, how do these translate into keeping customers happy and coming back to the salon?  Well, here's the key (match the same number to the numbered list above)..

  1. There is no clutter to distract you from the experience of being there.
  2. You feel comfortable and confident in your decision to get your hair cut or styled there.
  3. Each stylist has a number in the coat rack area so when you leave they know exactly where your coat is without having to ask.
  4. It's nice to know I can show up thirsty.
  5. They encourage me to schedule an appointment to get the best service and who doesn't want the best service.
  6. They use a computer system to check you in which alerts the stylist from the salon area that you are here and she quickly comes to the front.
  7. The computer system also displays your name so they can remember it before they come to the front.

As I walked away with a very handsome haircut ... the thoughts were racing through my head of what little things do we do for our clients that could make a big difference?  What little things do you do for your clients?


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Fishing for Your Own Conclusions

by Kevin Wallenbeck January 11, 2010 22:26

Have you ever heard the story about the man and 3 children that were on the subway-train one late afternoon ... the three little ones were just out of control.  Screaming, yelling being what the other riders were a complete nuisance and bothersome.  The dad just kept sitting there in his seat, rocking back and forth with the movement of the train just blankly staring out the window like nothing was going on.  One lady finally had enough of it and couldn't believe that the dad would just let these children go on like they were.

She speaks loudly from across the train-car ... Sir, excuse me sir?  She earns no response and this time yells out so there is no mistake.  Caught off guard from the shouting, the dad snaps his head a bit and looks in the direction it came.  Catching the ladies eyes she speaks loudly so he's sure to hear ... Sir, why don't you get your children under control.  Many of us are returing home after a long days work and the noise your children are making is quite disturbing.

Slowly the dad's face changes with an expression of the realization of what he's been tuning out and speaks softly yet reassuringly ... I'm sorry mam.  The children and I are just returing home after being at the hospital where their mother passed away just over an hour ago.

That story has stuck with me and made a huge impression on my being quick to judge or jump to my conclusions when I don't have all the answers.


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Feeling Upbeat about 2010

by Kevin Wallenbeck January 7, 2010 20:54

set goalsWelcome to 2010 and what a year I am looking forward to.

What are some of your goals for 2010?  If you havn't yet made any you might want to get a start or it will be June and you'll be wondering where half the year went.

A few of my conservative goals for this year are...

Simplifying Life - Have you gotten to the point yet in life where the more stuff you have the less time you have to enjoy it?

Cherishing Blessings - God has blessed beyond what I deserve with a healthy family, great friends, and being able to enjoy what I do for a living every day.

Prioritizing - So much to do and so little time to do it.

As for the BHAG goals ... the Big Hairy Audacious Goals you'll have to keep checking back this year!


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