What a Week Off Does for the Soul

by Kevin Wallenbeck June 22, 2008 23:25

I've never, never, never taken much time at all away from the business. We only started taking any real serious family vacations just in the past couple of years. A couple of weeks ago I took a week long fly-in fishing trip to northern Ontario, Canada.

The fishing was less than exciting, the weather was cold and rainy half the days, but the quiet and beauty of the outdoors and wildlife was every minute. When you get to a place like I went you can't help but reflect on life a bit. After all, there's not much else to do:) I came home with a renewed appreciation for what's most important in life. I pray that it lasts.

I'll be updated some more here about some of the ideas/concepts/thoughts that have tickled my brain a bit.

For now enjoy the Slide Show of my Trip Up-North.


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