Welcome to 2007

by Kevin Wallenbeck January 5, 2007 00:21

Happy New Year!

2006 was a great year with many blessings, challenges, and achievements. I'm very grateful for a loving wife and three healthy, beautiful daughters.

InteractRV, website design, marketing, and management for RV Dealerships, has continued to grow at a pre-determined pace. We had the opportunity to partner up with some fantastic dealerships this past year and already one for the new year! Some very exciting things coming this year to continue making it easier for folks to find the right RV for them and assist the dealers with their sales and service processes.

Read a few books this year and met alot of interesting folks. Continue to watch for an upcoming perpetual post on things I've learned from whom. It's been neat to begin putting it together. Shoot, there are things that I've learned from a teller at a bank. Important lessons not to be forgotten.

Until next time...


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