Camping Bliss

by Kevin Wallenbeck July 26, 2006 14:50

At least for me, camping has come full circle. As I sit here in front of our quaint little cabin at the KOA Campground in Watkins Glen, NY with a gentle breeze swaying the trees, my girls running around with nothing to do one minute and a million the next, my wife perched peacefully on the porch swing with book in hand, and of course the wireless Internet access. What more could one ask for?

Well, not turning the computer on in the first place would be nice, however when you really enjoy what you do on a daily basis ... is it possible that work can stir the passion like a hobby does? Being on the cutting edge of website usability, behavior analysis, and technology gets my blood pumping.

Next year at this time our family plan is to be traveling the Northeast for two months in the summer. Much to plan out ... the right RV to acquire, when do we leave, which historical landmarks to visit first, which family members, friends, acquaintances do you want to see, and what is it really going to cost? Not sure yet, but I am sure that Pricless will be the larger part and not Mastercard:)

Well, back to living life in serenity. Until next time...


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Customer Centric Selling

by Kevin Wallenbeck July 10, 2006 11:48
A few weeks ago I wrote about a RV Dealership we had been working with and at the last minute they decided not to proceed with using our services. Based on a verbal commitment I had already purchased the plane ticket to get things rolling. When the deal stopped their suggestion was to only pay half of the plane fair. Well, great news. I received a check from them today for the full amount! The plane fare wasn't really the thing that was dissapointing, it was what I felt was a lack of integrity. My faith and perception of this dealer has been restored.

Just finished reading through a book called Customer Centric Selling by Michael Bosworth. Fantastic book! We just setup a CRM (customer relationship management) software to better manage our sales and customer relationships. One of our CRM support vendors mentioned Mr. Bosworth's first book that was written back in the 80's called Soution Selling. Anyway, the newer book builds on what he wrote earlier.

As anyone knows with just about everything in life there is no magic 'silver bullet'. Most successful folks know that it takes alot of hard work to accomplish anything worthwhile. Selling a product or a service is no different.

The approach Mr. Bosworth takes is a great one that we havn't been practicing very well at all. Here are some major points I picked up...

1. Bad news early is good news. If a sale isn't going to be made it is best to learn that asap so you can spend your time focusing on other opportunities.

2. True selling should be about discovering real business goals for your prospect and not a salesperson's opinion.

3. Creating Sales Ready Messaging keeps marketing and sales on the same path aligned with the same goals.

I took a ton of notes and marked up the book like no other I've ever read. If you are in sales or have anything to do with sales at all read this book.

Until next time... The best things in life aren't things at all.